Do Dogs Really Understand when Were Not Feeling Well ?

I’m back after being down a few days with a stomach virus. You always read how dogs offer comfort and seem to understand when we are not feeling well. I can’t really say this about my three. I feel like they don’t understand why their is no walk and I’m not leaving the bed. They still bring me toys and think I might want to play. Even though just the thought of food makes me even sicker you know how that is with the stomach bug ,of course this I understand they still need to eat. So even though I’m dizzy ,weak and ready to lose the ginger ale I just drank I get out of bed to feed them, let them out into the back yard and count the minutes until I can crawl back to my bed. That is all I have to give, no they don’t understand they want pets on the head, milk bones and most of all they want me up and about. I wonder if other peoples dogs understand .


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