What are your thought’s on an older dog being re-homed ?

I posted this story on my facebook it had so many people talking on facebook that I thought I would share it here too

Ok here is a story for you facebook because I know you all love and wait for my stories. A few of you have told me that anyway. Not once upon a time but last night I went to Lowes to pick out some flowers and veggies for this years garden. Outside of Lowes I spot a woman with a Norwegian Elkhound . When I ask her if it is friendly and can I pet it ?She says oh she is very friendly . She is 12v yrs. old and such a good girl and I have to rehome her . I was shocked and said at 12 yrs. you are rehoming her. She says yes we are waiting to meet the person who is going to take her now .I can’t keep her I’m moving .Sure enough up walks some guy and she says oh you must be so and so .I can’t remember the name. I’ve learned in life not to spit up in the sky and judge because I don’t want it falling on me. It is a life lesson I never want to go though. But I can’t help letting it puzzle me if you had a dog for 12 yrs why would you not plan on moving where you could take your dog? Pumpkin is 13 and she would not take to a rehoming at this stage of life . Not trying to judge her but not really understanding either.

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